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Gum Disease Treatment

Advanced Gum Disease Treatment

Tissue Regeneration

In some cases in which the bone has been destroyed, name ( Dentist) may call for tissue regeneration. This procedure involves bone grafting in order to create better conditions for bone re-growth. Soft tissue grafts may also be used to strengthen thin gums. Tissue regeneration requires the insertion of a thin layer of tissue to help promote the bone regeneration process, a procedure often used in periodontal surgery.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can be performed to reduce the size of pockets which allow bacteria to collect and produce the harmful toxins that cause periodontitis.

Pocket Elimination Surgery

Sometimes surgery may be required as part of the treatment plan to prevent unwanted tooth loss caused by periodontal disease. Below we have provided some of the options available:

  • Periodontal flap surgery is used to reduce the gap in pockets between the teeth and gums created by gum disease.
  • Jaw bone found to contain craters of collected bacteria, may require that the bone be re-contoured to eliminated such craters, thus preventing the future housing of potential bacteria growth.