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Gum Disease Treatment

Symptoms of Gum Disease

As periodontitis is allowed to progress, the dental bone has a tendency to recede. The affected gums may or may not recede depending on the case. In the cases where the gum tissue does recede, the tooth’s roots will be exposed causing sensitivity. Pockets may form between the teeth and gums, and may or may not be accompanied by pus. The recession of bone is not seen with the naked eye and so if left untreated or undetected, tooth loss will be inevitable. Such cases can be easily prevented with regular visits to your dental office for cleanings and examinations. Below we have listed some of the symptoms name will be looking for in such an examination.

  • Bad breath
  • Gums that are swollen or sensitive
  • Gums that bleed during brushing, flossing, etc.
  • Gums that are bright red or purple
  • Teeth that are loose or have shifted
  • Gums that feel tender or are painful to touch